We are a registered and licensed tour operator entity with its head office in Dar es Salaam and a branch in Arusha.

Our main goal is to let all people, know the wonders of Africa.  We are now concentrating in Tanzania and other eastern African countries including Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda  

With us you can have  a real experience in the National Parks  and Natural Reserves  of this beautiful  country either in a driving or 
walking trip to wach game. Being in the business of providing quality African safari and vacation experiences to both the discerning and the first­time traveler, 
we understand the implications of long distance travel, both financial and physical. In this respect we aim to provide the ideal travel solution suited 
to you without compromising quality and needs. Our holiday guests benefit from our experience, thorough planning skills, and ability to provide reliable 
operations in order to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. excellence at making all types of arrangements. Whether it be wildlife safari or 
sightseeing tours, Gibborim Adventure Advisors has both the experience and know­how and when to provide the services our guests and clients need to create a 
successful stay in Africa.     Our experienced and professional staff will listen attentively to your needs and desires to prepare a set of customized 
services designed to make your trip a success.   At Gibborim Adventure Advisors we believe that the discovery of Africa is a personal experience.
 We strive to present the destination to our travelers in such a manner that your discovery of Africa exceeds your personal travel needs.

GAA P.O. Box 6624, Samora Avenue
Holland House,3rd Floor.Plot 761/32
Dar es Salaam , Tanzania